October 04, 2021

SWFL baker wows at national competition

By: Vicki Parsons - IT

Owner of Soul by Janette Dulaney does well at national baking competition

By: Chris Shaw
8:14 AM, Sep 29, 2021

BABCOCK RANCH, Fla — You have to see this cake.

In about a year, Janette Dulaney went from baking newbie to third-place winner at the Ultimate Sugar Show in Atlanta.

It’s a national baking competition that draws well known chefs and artists, like Chef Nicholas Lodge, Karen Portaleo, Chef Liz Marek, and Chef Blāque Shelton.

Dulaney, who owns Soul by Janette Dulaney, entered the Master Level Sculpting category. The theme was “Covid Heroes.”

“Being a mom with 3 kiddos, I really wanted to capture the emotion and honor the strength of a mother when caring for their sick young,” Dulaney says. “It’s such an innate and animalistic quality of love having no bounds.”

The cake depicts a mother tiger, a cub, and an owl.

“The owl represents the giving of protection and support when the community comes together in time of need, whether that support is on a spiritual level, hope, love or a simple gesture of kindness,” Dulaney says. “You’ll see the mother tiger reaching up, as she is concerned, strong, but still vulnerable, and the owl bringing her the support she needs to carry the strength through healing.”

Her piece of art weighs 81 pounds. “[It’s] made of all cake, rice crispy treats, chocolate, fondant, and wafer paper with the eyes made from isomalt,” Dulaney says.

Babcock Ranch will celebrate Dulaney’s success Wednesday night. People can meet her and see the cake in-person, at 6:30pm at the town square.