September 19, 2018

Sun Power in the Sunshine State

By: Vicki Parsons - IT

09/17/2018 Florida Crossroads

Florida gets more sunshine every day than most states, but a number of other states – including New Jersey and North Carolina – far surpass Florida in solar energy generation.  Florida produces less than 1% of its electricity using solar energy.  In this edition of Florida Crossroads, we look at the factors that have kept the Sunshine State from leading the pack in solar energy, and some of the work underway to encourage solar generation at utility scale and on individual homes and businesses.

The “Florida Crossroads” program providing a comprehensive overview of the current state of solar power generation will be airing at various days and time periods on PBS stations around the state this week.  It’s a thorough and well balanced report that walks through the history of solar energy development, how we got where we are in Florida, the tensions between rooftop vs. utility without taking sides and the overall theme is that we need it all.  Lot’s of great footage from Babcock Ranch, excellent soundbites from Syd, and 100% positive about what we’re doing here.

Here’s a link to view it online.