January 07,2022 - Babcock Ranch Water Utilities recognized as a leader in water reuse

Gravina Smith Matte & Arnold
Special to Naples Daily News

Operated by Town & Country Utilities, BRWU serves Babcock Ranch, America’s first solar-powered town located just northeast of Fort Myers on Babcock Ranch Road/State Road 31.

“Conserving water, our most precious natural resource, is a cornerstone of Babcock Ranch and our responsibility as environmental stewards,” said Syd Kitson, chairman and CEO of Kitson & Partners, the developer of Babcock Ranch. “Our utilities were designed from the ground up to minimize water consumption and reuse water for 100 percent of our irrigation needs. When a panel of our peers and major organizations like those behind the Water Resources Utility of the Future program can single us out as a leader, we know we are fulfilling our obligations to responsible, sustainable development.”

BRWU/TCU has also received the 2019 David W. York Award honoring outstanding water reuse projects in Florida; the 2019 Earle B. Phelps Award recognizing wastewater treatment facilities maintaining the highest removal of pollutants in transforming wastewater into reusable water for irrigation; and the Department of Environmental Protection’s 2018 Domestic Plant Operations Excellence Award for Drinking Water recognizing outstanding treatment water and wastewater plant operations, maintenance and compliance.

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