February 09, 2015

Luxury feel without luxury rules

By: Vicki Parsons - IT

Andrea Stetson, Special to the News-Press 12:08 a.m. EST January 25, 2015

John Hillman

John Hillman, head of sales and marketing for Talis Park, points out the new amenities planned for the clubhouse expansion.( Photo by Andrea Stetson/Special to The News-Press)

 There’s no economic downturn at Talis Park, which had more than $100 million in sales in 2014.

When Kitson & Partners took over the North Naples community in 2012 there were 32 homes. Since then more than 60 have been completed, more than 30 are currently under construction and 40 more are scheduled for construction within the next six months.

To keep up with all the growth, 25,000 square feet are being added to the now 7,000-square-foot clubhouse. The new addition, which will open in the fall, will have casual and formal dining and a resort pool along with social rooms. There will also be six tennis courts, four bocce courts, and a lap pool with two swim lanes.

John Hillman, head of sales and marketing for Talis Park, said while the amenities are changing the atmosphere isn’t.

“Come in blue jeans or your workout clothes,” he said. “We don’t have any pretense to it. We want people to come as they are.”

That is one of the things that attracted residents to the upscale community that has the luxury feel without the luxury rules.

“It is a very sophisticated, elegant, yet relaxed atmosphere,” said Kim Bondy, who is having a home built in the Brightling neighborhood of Talis Park. “It is such a good feeling.”

Bondy said her home will be ready in about a year, but she is already enjoying the fitness room and Fiona’s Café that are in the center of Talis Park.

“It is the most beautiful community in Naples,” Bondy said. “It is very reminiscent of Italy and parts of Europe. It’s just charming. It is just a stunning environment. It is a younger vibrant group.”

Homes in Talis Park range from $750,000 condos to $10 million estate homes. Residents can choose to live in the main square area and walk to the amenities or live in neighborhoods overlooking golf, water and trees. Two new condo buildings are being built by the club. Talis Park also has 12 inventory homes, half that are furnished. Hillman said these homes are aimed at buyers who want to move in right away.

“It’s all about choice and a range of choice,” he said.

Hillman said there are several reasons Talis Park has done so well this past year. He explained it is a combination of offering luxury living in a relaxed atmosphere and being one of the only new high-end luxury communities.

“We are the only luxury community that is still brand new,” Hillman said.

Cobblestone roads lead over brick bridges. Venetian style condos jut out over waterways. Citrus groves line one side of the main road while long, narrow lakes abut the other side. The community is spread out over 461 acres and will have 623 front doors at build-out.

Caryl and Henry Cohen moved into Talis Park in October from the nearby Vasari Country Club community. The couple had visited Talis Park years ago when it was called Tuscany Reserve and was under different ownership. When they heard Kitson bought it they came for a closer look.

“We had friends there when it was Tuscany and we watched it from the beginning and through the bad spell and then our real estate agent finally said there was something to see,” Caryl Cohen said.

Cohen said they wanted to stay on Livingston Road because of its central location. “We loved the community, the aesthetics of it,” she said. “Once we saw the model we knew it was for us.”

Cohen said she is looking forward to the new enlarged clubhouse.

“One of the things that is particularly nice is that it is a relaxed atmosphere and they are going to carry that over into the new clubhouse,” she explained. “It is still going to be a much more informal feeling. We feel we are very fortunate, we are in a very special place.”

Henry Cohen is a local attorney who enjoys the fitness club and the golf.

“It is just a gorgeous community,” he said. “It just feels really good to be in there and live in there.”