November 14, 2016

Info Center Breaks Ground at Florida Mega-Community

By: Vicki Parsons - IT

Posted on: November 02, 2016

When the town of Babcock Ranch is complete, it will comprise 19,500 residences and a total of 6 million square feet of commercial and community space. More than half of the total land will be dedicated for green spaces, lakes and nature trails. Ultimately, approximately 50,000 residents will call Babcock Ranch home.

Located near Fort Myers, Fla., Babcock Ranch will be one of the most sustainable and health-focused towns in the U.S., according to project planners. The developer’s blog gives some insight into what the information center will look like when it’s completed early next year.

Visitors to the information center will be greeted in a comfortable conversation area with a Living Wall that incorporates vegetation from the property and the sound of water to acknowledge Kitson & Partners’ commitment to preservation. Town ambassadors will be available to answer questions and to assist visitors with navigating through a non-linear touch-screen presentation that addresses all aspects of life at Babcock Ranch in a nearby interaction area. A comfortable break area will include a bar with barstool seating where visitors can sit and relax while enjoying a cup of coffee or a beverage.