February 14, 2018

In Florida, the first city in the United States powered by green energy was born.

By: Vicki Parsons - IT

Last updated 12/02/2018 | 16:45

If you speak French!  Francetvinfo  did a very comprehensive look at our new town – beautiful videography, and of course our beautiful first residents, students and parents at our school, visitors enjoying our downtown, TransDev autonomous vehicle, etc… Read the full story which has the video (narrated in French) – it runs just over 5 minutes!

Translation of the homepage:

It is a new city, coming from Earth. To the South of Florida, this isn’t an umpteenth golf that starts to take shape, but a city that wants to be exemplary. Each building has solar energy.

Babcock Ranch is the first city in the United States fueled entirely by this energy and its 340 000 panels. It’s an ideal city where residents are enthusiastic and where it shouldn’t look for climate sceptics.

Here, everyone is defender of the planet. City Centre to the European designers were keen to reproduce our city centers in Europe, where you can walk from one point to another, for the greatest pleasure of the first residents.

The city water works fully closed circuit, Wells supply water distribution and sewage purification plant was specially built. The bet is to demonstrate that this almost utopian concept does not preclude great comfort to the American.