December 16, 2016

Fulfillment of Kitson & Partners’ vision for Babcock Ranch unfolding

By: Vicki Parsons - IT

Submitted by Caffrey & Associates 4:03 a.m. EST December 3, 2016

babcock ranch downtown district

Construction of the Babcock Ranch Downtown District’s Woodlea Hall and the Table and Tap restaurant fronting Lake Babcock is on schedule for completion by Feb. 1, 2017.(Photo: Picasa)

BABCOCK RANCH — As Homes by Towne, Stock Development, Fox Premier Builders and Florida Lifestyle Homes continue to build furnished model residences in the community’s Lake Timber neighborhood, Master Developer Kitson & Partners announced that infrastructure installation and construction of Phase I of the Downtown District continue to progress as scheduled at Babcock Ranch, a new 18,000-acre eco-centric, solar powered town being developed by Kitson east of Fort Myers, off State Road 31 in Charlotte County.

Lake Timber is the first residential neighborhood at Babcock Ranch. Completed models are expected to be open for viewing in early 2017. Castle Harbour Homes is expected to begin construction of its first model by the end of December. Each home at Babcock Ranch is being built to Florida Green Building Coalition Certification standards.

Fulfillment of Kitson’s vision for Babcock Ranch continues to unfold at a remarkable pace. The roadways from State Road 31 leading to the Downtown District and through the Lake Timber neighborhood have been completed and the last parking area at Founder’s Square is scheduled to be completed by next week. Installation of brick pavers throughout Founder’s Square will begin mid-December.

The trusses and guardrails at Babcock Ranch’s signature bridge showcases views of Lake Babcock and Lake Timber have been installed and lighting, pedestrian column, and railing installation is underway and scheduled for completion within the next two weeks. Landscaping at the entrance off State Road 31 and along the main boulevard is 75 percent complete. Landscaping within the Lake Timber neighborhood is underway and will be completed by early 2017. More than 300 trees and 4,000 grasses and plants have been installed to date. Construction of a boardwalk along the banks of Lake Babcock at Founder’s Square is nearing completion.