In his role as Chief Operating Officer for Babcock Ranch and the Communities division, Al spearheads the firm’s visionary plans for the development of Babcock Ranch, an unprecedented collaboration between K&P, the State of Florida, Charlotte and Lee Counties, major environmental groups, community leaders and area residents. Al’s all-encompassing experience includes prior roles as a professional business manager and managing partner with over thirty years of Community Master Plan Development. He has led his staff and professionals through the comprehensive development process, including acquisitions, budgeting, planning, entitlement, development, building certification, business planning, and the sales and marketing of projects throughout the State of Florida and the Caribbean.

Prior to joining K&P, Al served the State of Florida as the Deputy Secretary of Land and Recreation for the Department of Environmental Protection and oversaw Florida’s 171 State Parks, the acquisition of all state lands and oversaw the Department’s agenda items for the Governor and Cabinet offices at the State Capital.

Al has served on several corporate leadership and organizational management committees in both the government and private sector. While in Tallahassee, Al served as the Chairman for the State Acquisition and Restoration Council.  He has been a leader in the advancement of Sustainable Development Principles and these practices are evident in his master plan community portfolio.