December 13, 2016

Construction of Babcock Ranch school underway

By: Vicki Parsons - IT


Babcock ranch’s first charter school is under construction and its first students are expected to learn there in the fall.

Ground was broken Monday on a public charter school that will become the only school within 10 miles of the new Babcock Ranch community. It will cover prekindergarten through eighth grade, and enrollment is open to all of Charlotte County.

Prospective students had the chance to experience what class will be like at the Babcock neighborhood school where teachers will be able to use a hands on approach.

They’ll use a lot of what Babcock will offer: miles of trails, community gardens, and technology. like the solar panels that will power the town.

Christy Noe of the Collaborative Education Network states: “There are 50 miles of trails, solar panels that are going to run the school. It’s a totally unique experience that I don’t think any other school in Florida is doing right now.”

Kids from Lee and Charlotte counties will be able to attend. They don’t even have to live in Babcock.

The school already has 51 kids enrolled in grades k through 8.