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With over two decades of experience and long-term patient institutional capital, K&P has built a fully integrated team that delivers a “one-stop-shop” approach to real estate development. This approach ensures that our business units collaborate seamlessly to fulfill our mission to create vibrant residential and mixed-use communities that are environmentally conscious and enable both people and businesses to thrive.

Our methodology is anchored by our in-house market strategy group, where we make the critical decisions that drive the success of each project. Our experts continuously monitor the markets, analyze data and identify trends from a local, national and global perspective. This comprehensive approach to research allows us to stay ahead of our peers with proprietary insights that enable us to make informed, intelligent projections that unlock the potential of each and every project we undertake. With a clear market strategy in place, our team of new business professionals has the relationships and expertise to source, underwrite, acquire, develop and ultimately create great places that meet the diverse needs of our communities.

At K&P, we rely upon our ability to execute on all aspects of the development process – entitlements, permits, approvals, master planning, design, horizontal and vertical development. These critical steps in the development process are all aspects of our core competency, led by K&P’s experienced team of development professionals.

K&P also benefits from the integration of our residential sales and operations team, which provides us with direct access to real-time information about operating costs and market conditions for the residential projects in our portfolio. K&P has also built a full-service property management and leasing team, furthering our commitment to long-term ownership of the projects we develop.